Performance Oriented Model

Our clients should remain with us for our performance, not because of contractual obligations. Though we do have our contracts in place but those are more to formalise the engagement.
We maintain all the obligations from confidentiality, data protection, indemnification etc. and OneStep global is also completely insured on public liability, professional indemnity and workforce compensation as per European standards, we still believe that contracts should be more to help businesses and not become a hindrance.
All our contracts are for 3 years. We also follow the highest levels of data protection and confidentiality and we are signed party on the GDPR guidelines with the majority of our clients.
Our contracts also don’t bind our clients to not recruit the resource after the term is over, in case the client wants to move on from OneStep global. All our contracts have a notice period of 90 days right after the first year.
OneStep global is insured on public liability, workforce compensation and personal indemnity as per European standards. We also help clients to set their own entity in case they ever want to do it.