The Global Education Conclave is an annual seminar hosted by OneStep Global wherein we discuss various aspects of international education along with industry experts from across the world.

The concept of GEC stemmed from an idea to help Indian students to fulfil their aspirations to study in a global University. 

This is a platform wherein Educationists from across the world share their knowledge and wisdom over a course of two days through various sessions. Last year there were more than 40 speakers from 8 countries interacting with thousands of students.

The theme for 2022 – EMPLOYABILITY. This event will function as an employability guide for international students. These sessions will help the students to make more job-relevant decisions about their education.



Based on the sessions from the Global Education Conclave 2022, we have garnered some amount of insights and figured out vital data on graduate outcomes.

Read our report to know more about –

  • the link between learning abroad programs and employability
  • adding perspectives about international education keeping four countries in focus – Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom and United States of America
  • key takeaways from GEC 2022 and insights on study abroad data
  • graduate employability data from these regions in 2019-20