Transparent And Accountable

We run our business on these two basic ethics. We are transparent to our clients and to our employees. Right from the pricing model, wherein the client gets to know exactly what they are spending on up until the last invoice we keep it transparent.
We are not an agency and we don’t charge commissions on student recruitment but we like to work with targets and perform on the basis of those agreed parameters. We want to be accountable not only just on performance but also on any regulations, policy change, damage, dissatisfaction, etc. And we have witnessed that this only creates long term value and growth both for us and for our clients.
Complete transparent funds management (every invoice is scanned and sent) Transparent pricing model, which enables the clients to know on their investments.
Expenses are managed by a central team and all the team members have to imbibe the travel and expenses policies which are right in place. Dedicated resources in a target driven but employee-friendly atmosphere drives performance for our clients.
We work on actual targets, whether it is international applications, partnerships or actual enrolments, OneStep Global will remain highly committed and accountable for the overall growth of the institution. Break down on the actual spends (desk, resource, central expenses and management fees).