Beyond Beds & Boundaries – Indian Student Mobility Report – GEC 2023

Beyond Beds & Boundaries – Indian Student Mobility Report – GEC 2023

Dear Esteemed Readers,
We are delighted to present to you the “Beyond Beds and Boundaries Indian Student Mobility Report, 2023. 
The “Beyond Beds and Boundaries: Indian Student Mobility Report, 2023” is a testament to our vision and OneStep Global’s dedication to the international education sector. This report, meticulously crafted in collaboration with University Living, is a valuable resource for those interested in understanding the journey of Indian students studying abroad and the opportunities and challenges they encounter.
”The report will encompass crucial elements of student mobility worldwide and provide valuable insights into the various aspects of student well being and support services involved in the journey to realize their study abroad aspirations. At OneStep , we are committed to the vision of providing equal opportunities to all students and promoting the internationalization of education to facilitate the exchange of knowledge across international boundaries.”

Aritra Ghosal
Founder & Director, OneStep Global

The Beyond Beds Boundaries: Indian Student Mobility Report, 2023 provides a comprehensive analysis of Indian students’ pursuit of higher education abroad, with a particular focus on US, UK, Canada and Australia. This report explores the intricacies of the higher education landscape, highlighting the myriad opportunities and challenges that Indian students face during their educational journeys abroad. In particular, it highlights the crucial issue of accommodation and the various obstacles that students may face from the planning phase until their settling in the destination country.

The report is designed to act as a comprehensive guide for the key stakeholders to understand the various nuances of Indian students pursuing or planning to pursue education abroad.

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